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Our Sustainability Agenda – The Future outlook

Our sustainability strategy was devised in 2017 and is based on the 4 pillars of sustainability namely: Workplace Responsibility, Marketplace Responsibility, Social Responsibility and Environmental Responsibility. Throughout the years, we have focused on these 4 pillars to lead the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals within the Bank. The core focus was the development of our Social Responsibility Pillar, through the AfrAsia Foundation. We worked on changing the mindset of our staff and instill a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Several projects under the different pillars are currently in progress namely:

Workplace Responsibility

Collaboration with Human Resources on Sustainable HR project

Marketplace Responsibility

Development of Sustainable Product Portfolio

Environmental Responsibility

Reviewing of our waste management at the Bank

Social Responsibility: Social and Relationship CapitalEnvironmental Responsibility: Natural CapitalMarketplace Responsibility: Financial, Manufactured, Intellectual CapitalsWorkplace Responsibility: Human CapitalBeing an employer of choiceBuilding positive links with the communities around usMeasuring and reducing our environmental impactFocusing on client centricity and qualityPlanetAdvocatingSustainabilityInvestorRelationsPeopleResearch & DevelopmentSustainableBrand

Figure 1: Our 2021 Sustainability Strategy

Through our flagship annual event, the AfrAsia Bank Sustainability Summit, we also forge strong relationships and partnerships on sustainability topics across sectors.

Our collaboration with the United Nations also allowed us to take the lead in the incorporation of the Global Compact Network (Mauritius) Foundation. AfrAsia Bank currently chairs the board for the foundation and is recognized as one of the founder members.

Now that the groundworks have been laid, and keeping in mind, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we are realigning our sustainability agenda with a core focus on the development of our Foundation, greening of our Internal operations and growth of our sustainable Financial Products portfolio as well as the implementation of quantitative targets to monitor our progress.

Key Achievements of Corporate Sustainability & CSR


Introduction of sustainability reporting in annual report.
First reporting to UNGC.
Development of our 4 sustainability pillars.

Enhanced status for UNGC.
Enhancement of our social & relationship and natural capitals through the creation of AfrAsia Foundation.
Sustainability Reporting on SDGs in annual report Sponsored film “Demain”.



Official launch of AfrAsia Foundation and AfrAsia School.
Participation in the SDG conference in India.
Working on developing Sustainability in our Integrated Report.
Research & Development on using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for our reports.
Development of a page dedicated to Sustainability on our website.
Health Awareness Initiatives (Movember, Women’s Health Month – free screening for staff).

Head of Corporate Sustainability & CSR nominated as chairperson of the Global Compact Advisory Committee to Mauritius.
Participation in UN conference (Making Global Goals Local Business) in Argentina.
Launch of Global Compact Network Mauritius with AfrAsia Bank as Chair.
Launch of first AfrAsia Bank Sustainability Summit.
Achieved Advanced Level on UNGC for Integrated Report 2018.
Participation in UN Conference (Making Global Goals Local Business) in Morocco.



Participation in Salon ProDurable.
GRI community member.
2-days awareness workshop for sustainability champions.
Launch of ABSS Breakfast Meet in Johannesburg.
Participation in the creation of the Voluntary National Review (VNR) report of Mauritius.
2ndABSS Breakfast Meet in Singapore.
2ndedition of AfrAsia Bank Sustainability Summit (ABSS).
1stedition of AfrAsia Bank Sustainability Award during ABSS.
Launch of Green Car Loan – first green product of ABL.

Renewed commitment to United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and    GRI community membership.
Launch of second phase of AfrAsia School.
Prostrate Test and Chest X-Ray for male staff above 30 years (claimed under preventive care of medical insurance).
Incorporation of Global Compact Network (Mauritius) Foundation in Mauritius with AfrAsia’s head of Corporate sustainability & CSR as chairperson of the interim board.


Sustainability Champions

A sustainability committee was set up in 2018 with representatives from each department (sustainability champions) to drive sustainability at the Bank. The champions have been trained by an MQA accredited training institution and are the main advocates of sustainability in their respective departments. The committee will be formalized with clear commitments from each Head of Departments and the duties and responsibilities of the champions will be clearly defined.

AfrAsia Bank Sustainability Summit

Throughout its 13 years of existence, AfrAsia Bank Limited (ABL) has gradually integrated principles of sustainability in its operations. Underpinning its commitment to strengthen the global understanding of sustainability and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Bank pioneered in 2018 its “AfrAsia Bank Sustainability Summit” (ABSS) in line with SDG 17 - Partnership for goals. The main objective of the summit has been and continues to be to map the opportunities, challenges and practical steps that will shape a sustainable future through partnerships with global organisations and institutions by addressing environmental, social and economic issues.

Following a successful inaugural launch, a second edition was hosted in 2019 in partnership with IBL Together - the largest conglomerate on the Island - and the United Nations (UN). ABSS 2019 welcomed 310 attendees from 16 countries, hosted 7 panel discussions with 41 panelists and regrouped 22 collaborators for its organisation. The 2019 edition also acted as a launchpad for the “AfrAsia Bank Sustainability Awards”, which aimed at rewarding local companies for driving sustainability. The awards were split into 2 categories: The Best Sustainability Project and the Best Sustainable Business.

ABSS garnered a total of MUR 1,026,292.03 throughout the 2-day Summit which was remitted to the social arm of ABL, AfrAsia Foundation.

Impact of COVID-19 on our strategy

The outbreak of COVID-19 in late December 2019 has had an unprecedented impact on the corporate world. From 19 March 2020 to 30 May 2020, Mauritius had imposed a “sanitary” lockdown and curfew for all the population and businesses.

As a Bank, AfrAsia has been able to keep its business running smoothly through the promotion of Work from home (WFH) during COVID-19, we asked 400+ of our staff to work as per this system. During a survey done by our HR department, it has been noted that more than 85% of respondents want to see WFH implemented on a regular basis. Our clients have also been encouraged to Bank Digitally.

From a Corporate Sustainability and CSR point of view, our two main projects were impacted:

  1. AfrAsia Bank Sustainability Summit (ABSS) – the third edition of the ABSS has been postponed for 2021.
  2. AfrAsia School – Home schooling measures have had to be implemented for the AfrAsia Kids by Ti-Rayons Soleil in order to ensure that they are not missing out on their learning activities during the lockdown. Phase 3 of AfrAsia School plans for extension has been postponed.

Sustainability Risk Assessment

ABL’s financial performance is directly impacted by risks correlated to sustainability. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how certain businesses are vulnerable and unable to cope with unexpected crisis. AfrAsia Bank aims to conduct a complete sustainability risk assessment in the upcoming years.

Customer Experience
Aims & objectives

The Customer Experience (CX) department ensures that the Bank delivers a positive and seamless customer experience at every touch point across the customer life cycle.

Committed to putting the Customer at the Heart of our Banking Experience

Figure 2: CX Department – Vision, Mission & Goal

Channels Available for Reporting

Customers can escalate their concern/complaint/feedback on our services, products, processes, systems and employees through the following channels:

Dare Culture


Be the change. Think different, innovate and work smart

Always challenge the status quo


Actions speak louder than words. Do whatever it takes to get the job done!

Do what we say we will do... make it happen.


Play as a team with dynamism and mutual respect

We are ONE team, we work together towards the same objective.


Everyone, Everyday, Everything Fun!!

We work in a fun environment.

Internal Initiatives: Culture Deployment

Culture meetings have been held for each department and same was facilitated by the Human Resources team in collaboration with the culture Ambassadors.

Launch of the NEW AfrAsia Anthem

All departments will be invited to perform the new HAKA and an original video will be devised to promote the values.

DARE Culture in staff’s KPI

To ensure that staff are living the DARE values, same has been included in the key performance indication, it started in financial year 2018/2019.

Equality & Diversity Initiatives

The ultimate objective is to celebrate the different national festivals i.e. Spring, Eid, Divali, Christmas and understand that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences.

DARE & Customer Experience

The ultimate objective was to make our employees happy so they could in turn make our customers happy. Several events were organized by the culture ambassadors and as far as possible, the focus was enhancing Employee Experience through DARE so as to drive Customer Experience.

DARE & Sustainability

The culture ambassadors have promoted the sustainability concept for every event/initiative that the group has organised by:

  • Making sure that suppliers with whom we are dealing with are green certified

  • Using ceramic or bio-degradable plates/utensils for events

  • Recycling every cartons/used paper/bio-degradable plates used


The DARE Culture Ambassadors Group wishes to positively impact and influence all staff, by encouraging them in adopting the People, Planet and Profit approach in the activities that meet the needs of the enterprise and its stakeholders today while protecting, sustaining and enhancing the human and natural resources that will be needed in the future.

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