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The Group and the Bank offsetting financial arrangement is summarised on the following pages.

Derivatives and loans and advances to banks

The Group and the Bank uses master netting agreements and holds cash collateral and marketable securities to mitigate the credit risk of derivatives, repurchase agreements and securities lending.

The Group and the Bank enters into derivatives with central counterparty clearing houses (CCPs) or bilaterally under International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) master netting agreements. ISDA Master Netting agreements give either party the legal right of offset on termination of the contract or on default of the other party. The Group and the Bank executes a credit support annex in conjunction with each ISDA agreement, which requires the Group and the Bank and each counterparty to post collateral to mitigate credit risk. Collateral is also posted daily in respect of derivatives transacted on exchanges and with CCPs. The collateral posted with regards to open derivatives is cash or marketable securities.

The Group’s and the Bank’s repurchase, and reverse repurchase, transactions and securities borrowing and lending are covered by master agreements with netting terms similar to those of ISDA master netting agreements.

The Group and the Bank entered into various forward-geared contracts with Firstrand Bank. On maturity of these contracts, the Group and the Bank will be required to pay only the net amount. Hence the fair value of all the forward geared contracts has been offset in the financial statements.

The Group and the Bank receive cash collaterals as security on various loan arrangements. The Group and the Bank have a right to offset these cash collaterals against the loan amounts on default of the Group’s and the Bank’s clients. As at 30 June 2019 and 2018 these amounts have been shown in “due to customers” and have not been offset against the loan balances.

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